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About Us

Founded in 2013, we at MOD Consulting strive to be the change we all want to see in the ICT industry. For too long, the industry heavy-weights have treated small to medium enterprises like second class citizens. Here at MOD Consulting, we speak your language, translating all those crazy acronyms and mind-boggling tech-jargon into clear, understandable concepts so you know what you're buying and why.

MOD Consulting offers a range of professional services and tailor-made solutions to enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Nothing is too big or too small for our fearless team and our products and services are backed up by industry-leading support standards.

MOD Consulting will also broker deals on your behalf. Should your business require a CCTV or Access Control solution, a lightning fast fibre internet connection, or anything in between, we will find the right service provider to fit your scale, budget and corporate standard.

MOD Consulting is your one-stop ICT solutions provider. It's your business to get to the top... it's our business to get you the tech you need to get there

  • ICT Consulting Services
  • On-Site & Remote Support
  • Outsourced ICT Management with Service Level Agreements
  • ICT Risk Management, Forward Planning & Technology Lifecycle Management
  • Hardware & Software Sales, Licensing and Product Procurement Assistance
  • Network & Systems Design, Implementation, Management & Support
  • Internet Connectivity and Telephony Solutions
  • Data Backup, Replication & Recovery Solutions
  • Hosting & Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure & Site Assessments

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What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

  • " Having dealt with Mod Consulting for quite some time now I can honestly vouch for their experience and professionalism. They always have a solution to any of our IT needs and it's that flexibility and knowledge that I've been searching for in an IT service provider! - Lannon Harms - Epicdev "

  • " Thank you so much MOD Consulting for helping us to upgrade our entire call centre! Our operaters are so happy, and prductivity has climbed. Great customer support! Becky Whytley "

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Get In Touch With Us

Tel: 031 940 1895

Email: info@modconsulting.co.za